Frequently Asked Questions.
Do you use to work outside of your region?
Yes, even if part of our customers reside in Trentino Alto Adige we have always carried out assignments in other regions and in foreign countries as well.
Therefore our Italian, German and English language speaking staff is used to communicate and competing together with our outside partner also in other social economic areas.
What effect will the transfer expenses have on the total consulting budget?
Do you provide legal certification?
What opportunities does a voluntary auditing offer?
I don’t need an audit certificate but I would still like to be sure that my administration is operating at the best. Are partial checkups or specific controls on financials items possible to ensure the conformity of some administrative processing or the application of particular contracts?
How do you operate and what can be the service outcomes of your auditing company?
How are auditing budgets determined?
What are normally the specific clauses of an audit agreement?
Do you collaborate with other audit or similar companies?
What are the reviser board qualifications and who is on it?