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Are you a graduate or studying at university?

Business Administration and Management or Computer Science

Are you interested in corporate administration and control, business economics, accounting and financial statements?

Would you like to use your acquired skills in a cross-sectional manner and get to know the corporate structure, business organisation, processes, IT procedures and working methods of various industrial, commercial, construction, financial and service companies? 

Are you undecided whether to embark on an expensive and often too theoretical Master's course or would you prefer to learn in the field while earning a good living?

Do you want to combine theory and practice by learning in the field the application of techniques and methodologies useful throughout your life, or do you want to study and work at the same time while advancing your curriculum and supporting your studies? 

Are you thinking of starting or completing the compulsory apprenticeship to become an expert accountant, chartered accountant or auditor?

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... we are a small, very smart auditing company made only by professionals
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Auditing Assistant 1°L - Full time

IMPEGNO: Full time tempo indeterminato

lavora in Team nelle revisioni legali, volontarie, limitate, negli incarichi speciali e due diligence.

ambiente giovane, motivante e costituito esclusivamente da professionisti, programma formativo ISO 9001 multidisciplinare e modulabile secondo proprie esigenze, formazione on the job, corsi di apprendimento o di perfezionamento della lingua tedesca gratis, trilinguismo nel lavoro, flessibilità di orari, possibilità di smart working, remunerazione adeguata sin dall’inizio, bonus semestrale, ristorante a pranzo, rimborsi spese viaggio, possibilità di collaborare con la consorella Reviconsult nella consulenza di management.


  • Laurea triennale in discipline economiche;
  • B2 in inglese;
  • Ampia e flessibile disponibilità al lavoro, quando necessario anche oltre le 8 ore, disponibilità a brevi trasferte, atteggiamento serio e professionale.


  • Discreta conoscenza della lingua tedesca;
  • Laurea Magistrale o Master;
  • Brevi esperienze lavorative: in studi di commercialisti, società di revisione o in uffici amministrativi di aziende.


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Auditing Assistant 2°L - Part time
Auditing Assistant 3°L - Intership
Senior Auditor 1°L

Auditor Career Plan

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Junior Compliance Specialist

EMPLOYMENT: Full time permanent 

works in special assignments, due diligence, crime prevention systems analysis, Iso 9001, financial statements and ESG systems and in Team, in the analysis of the internal control system of companies in legal, voluntary, limited and due diligence audits.

young, motivating environment consisting exclusively of professionals, multi-disciplinary ISO 9001 training programme that can be adapted according to one's own needs, on-the-job training, free German language learning or improvement courses, trilingualism in the work, flexible working hours, possibility of smart working, adequate remuneration from the beginning, half-yearly bonus, lunch restaurant, travel expense reimbursement, possibility to cooperate with sister company Reviconsult in management consulting.


  • Bachelor's degree in economics or computer science;
  • B2 in English;
  • Extensive and flexible availability for work, when necessary also beyond 8 hours, availability for short assignments, serious and professional attitude.


  • Fair knowledge of the German language;
  • Master's degree or Master's degree;
  • Brief work experience: in accountancy firms, auditing firms or in the administration offices of companies.


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Junior IT Audit Specialist

Career Plan for IT audit / Compilance specialist


Why do we invest so much in professional up-skilling?

With around 22% of average annual working time dedicated to training, we invest more than others in your professional up-skilling to quickly grow your talent, productivity and income.

Why do we invest so much in incentives?

With your willingness to commit, you benefit from Revi's incentive system and can quickly grow your income! Bonuses are paid every six months and take the following evaluation factors into account:

-Commitment expressed in hours worked
-Individual productivity
-Commitment in highly complex assignments
-Level of autonomy achieved