REVI & Partners was established in 1990 and is one of the first independent Italian auditing company incorporated by a group of chartered accountants only.
The original 18 partners, all belonging to the Region of Bolzano- Bozen, shared at the beginning a venture capital of 360,000,000 Italian lire to ensure the company could carry out all its objectives at once.

The first objective of the company was to offer legal auditing service to small and medium enterprises by specializing in the local economy.
This is the reason why there was a great emphasis on the development of an internal analysis system and evaluation of data procedures.
Very soon REVI & Partners' methodology and auditing procedures were compatible with all the characteristics of SMEs and in line with the best audit international standards.
Since 1991 different specializing courses have been planning for all our professionals.

In 1992 the company was registered in Commerce by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Industry with the D.M. on 19-03-92 under Law 1966/39 and authorized to practice auditing and financials’ certification.

With the decision n. 1103 dated 11-08-93 of the Regional Government of Südtirol-Trentino Alto Adige, REVI & Partners was registered on page 6 of the auditing companies list instituted by the Commissions for the Cooperative of Trento and Bolzano-Bozen.
Subsequently REVI & Partners was also registered in the National Register of Auditor under Law 88/92.

In 1997 the company changed its firm name to "Revi&Partners of A. Grobner", maintaing the same organization, the same activity and the same operating partners.
In 2000 REVI & Partner was credited by the Trade Chamber of  Bolzano-Bozen as a company specialized in business internationalization and technology innovation services.

In 2006 REVI & Partner moved to the modern and easily accessible offices located in the Global Center in Marie Curie n.17 Street.

Since 2007 the company adopted an audit software entirely in house developed and called "IAT". REVI has been using it successfully during any kind of auditing task. Since 2010 our company has implemented an electronic storage system for the auditing of accounting documents which allows both the team and the clients to save time during the task.

Since 2009 the company implemented an ISO-9001 system with a detailed description of the processing adopted during our auditing processes.

In 2012 REVI & Partners was rewarded for the first time with the ISO-Certificate from the well-known Certiquality. Starting from that year the manual goes through constant updates, also for what concerns the evaluation procedure of the customer satisfaction.

Since 2013 REVI & Partners is subject to Consob supervision as the supervisory of the state stock-exchange authority is required for all those audit companies which have PIE clients.

At the beginning of 2017 the company changed the firm name into REVI & Partners srl and adopted a new governance but without changing the shareholder and the corporate structure behind it. The legal head office was moved from Cassa di Risparmio Street to its previously administrative address in Marie Curie Street.

During all the years that characterize our activity we carried out, a part from ordinary audit, also special works (i.e. capital operations audit), auditor's review and voluntary reviews. We never reported complaints from our clients, who are by now well consolidated with us, both in our region and from other cities.

Costituzione della società

Revi&Partners di P. Gliera e G. Palazzi s.a.s/K.G.



Autorizzazione alla revisione e certificazione di bilancio ai sensi della L. 1966/39

con D.M. 19/03/92 di concerto del Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia e del Ministero dell'Industria, Commercio e Artigianato

Iscrizione nell'elenco delle società di revisione istituito dalle Commissioni per le Cooperative delle Province di Trento e Bolzano

con deliberazione n. 1103 dell' 11/08/93 della Giunta della Regione Trentino Alto Adige Südtirol



Iscrizione al Registro dei Revisori Contabili

ai sensi del DL.gs 88/92

Cambia la ragione sociale

in Revi&Partners di A. Gröbner s.a.s/K.G.



Inclusione nel repertorio dei consulenti e delle società che offrono servizi specializzati nel campo dell'internazionalizzazione e dell'innovazione tecnologica

Accreditamento dalla Camera di Commercio per l'Industria, il Commercio e l'Artigianato di Bolzano